Baily ST-XL


The Bailey ST-XL Potter's Wheel features the same drive system and foot pedal as our Pro Series Wheels. But for potters who prefer a removable splash pan, Bailey has innovated the 2 Pc Splash-Trim Pan. The Bailey 2 Pc Splash-Trim Pan prevents "splash” and collects more trims than any other splash pan. Finally, a logical removable pan to deal with clay trims! In addition, a large 9" diameter water bucket can fit inside the Bailey splash pan while a 14" throwing bat is used. Keeping the water bucket in the pan is another way to keep the wheel area clean. The "back and forth" travel to the water bucket is confined to the pan. This will definitely help you keep the ceramic studio or classroom clean. The Bailey 2 Pc Splash-Trim Pan is also extremely easy to remove and engage. No more struggling with the splash pan. You simply slide each section under the wheelhead and you're locked in. It’s fast and convenient.

Besides featuring this uniquely designed removable pan, the Bailey ST-XL Potter's Wheel also features our unique double reinforced “T-Bar” frame and can use the (optional) Bailey counter system and (optional) inexpensive leg extensions. The Bailey ST-XL Potter's Wheel has a reversing switch, develops 1 HP at the wheel head and centers up to 100 lbs of clay. Some assembly is required.


Riktpris: 15.500 kr